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Local Civil Conversation Events

At the heart of this project are local conversations -- grassroots dialogues on a range of topics that encourage us to share and listen across difference.  These conversations give us the opportunity to gather for meaningful dialogue designed to increase our understanding of each other, in the midst of times and voices that would have us turning away from one another. They give us the chance to practice, in the words of Krista Tippett, “speaking together differently, in order to live together differently.” 


Local conversations are facilitated by community leaders who have attended one of our facilitator trainings. On the calendar below, you can find information about local conversations happening in communities near you. 


The model for these conversations is inspired by Krista’s interviews with poets, scientists, pastors, authors, psychologists, activists, and more.  If you are interested in learning more about On Being, we invite you to listen to one or more of the following episodes that speak particularly to interfaith life and work. You can also explore the full catalogue of episodes and their transcripts here.

Upcoming Conversations


Blue = Facilitator Training
Green = Live Event
Yellow = Local Conversation
Red = Sponsor event

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Year of Civil Conversations?

A Year of Civil Conversations is a project inspired by Krista Tippett’s podcast On Being. Since the early 2000s, Krista has been recording interviews with spiritual and community leaders, artists, activists and more. The Civil Conversations project arose out of a desire to “renew common life in a fractured and tender world” and to work towards a “hospitable, trustworthy relationship with and across difference”. Interfaith Philadelphia has taken this opportunity to promote civil conversation in our region through a series of trainings, live events, and local conversations led by community leaders, all culminating in a live recording of On Being here in Philadelphia. We believe that by practicing skills for meaningful dialogue across difference, we can increase our understanding of one another in the midst of divisive and dualistic times. This year will give us the chance to practice, in the words of Krista Tippett, “speaking together differently, in order to live together differently”.

What can I expect at a Local Conversation?

Each conversation will be unique, and organized to speak to particular topics and communities . Generally, though, a Civil Conversation will include listening to a segment of On Being or Becoming Wise, followed by a facilitated discussion and reflection.

Why use a podcast?

We have found that when a group comes together to have meaningful conversations about deeply held beliefs, having a common reference to build upon helps us to go deeper in conversation.  Listening to the podcast segment together gives everyone an opportunity to pause, think about what is being said, and reference back to this source during the conversation that follows. We have found that experiencing podcast content, in particular, invites participants to slow down and really listen – reducing distractions by focusing one’s attention on a human voice.



Where can I find a conversation to join?

Our full calendar of events, including local conversations, facilitator trainings, and live events, can be found here.

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