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Welcome to the Pathways Trail! This map is a tool to help you explore the rich cultures, histories, faith traditions, and communities in West and Southwest Philadelphia. Click on different icons to discover faith communities, grassroots organizations, neighborhood initiatives, public green spaces, historical markers, and more.


How it works:

When you click on a specific icon you’ll see a brief description about that partner and the stop experience they’ve curated for you. Additionally, you’ll see a few things you should know before you visit and any materials they’d like you to have. Lastly, you’ll find a hope they have for the West and Southwest community. 
Using this map, you can plan a digital or in-person visit to these ”Pathway Stops.” You can even identify specific categories you want to explore. For example, maybe you want to visit faith communities. If that’s the case, click on that category to only see those partners designated as religious spaces. Additionally, you can break down the stops by the Interfaith Philadelphia Passport Practice they most resonate with. No matter how you choose to travel the Trail, we’re confident you’ll get a glimpse into the vibrancy of the area, and experience how each partner contributes to the life and vitality of their communities. 
Each of these partners work each day to foster spaces of understanding, hope, peace, and community empowerment. We are grateful for their participation on the Pathways Trail and that they have generously Welcomed In Interfaith Philadelphia and our Pathway Travelers.


The Evolution of the Trail:

The Pathways Trail is an ongoing, living document, so we are always adding new Stops! Is your community, business, organization, house of worship, civic association, or public space committed to the work of neighborhood cohesion, empowerment, or inclusivity? Are you interested in being a Stop or know an organization you think should be included on the Pathways Trail? Send us an email at to submit a nomination!


tHE Pathways Trail And The Crafting Community Project:

The Pathways Trail is part of the Crafting Community Project, a three-year multi-neighborhood initiative designed to foster community across lines of difference through art and education programs. Each Crafting Community endeavor is guided by and offered in collaboration with community leaders, clergy, organizations, and residents in each neighborhood. Previous Crafting Community Projects engaged communities in South Philadelphia and Kensington.

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