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The Religious Leaders Council of Greater Philadelphia was founded in Spring 2006 to build relationships of mutual support, offer a moral and spiritual voice in the region, and identify issues of concern for dialogue and action.
Co-convened by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, Rabbi David Straus, Imam Anwar Muhaimin, and Bishop Claire Schenot Burkat, the Council is the first of its kind in the city, with more than 30 member communities, representing more than two million people of diverse faith traditions from across the greater Philadelphia region
Through the Inter-Seminary Initiative, schools of higher education preparing students for vocations in religious leadership are brought together to bridge differences and work for the common good.  We know from our research, as well as conversations, that there is a need for today’s generation of leaders to be well-equipped to serve in the rich mix of the multicultural, multi-religious world into which they are graduating.

Through retreats, panels, conferences, and other creative programming, we create opportunities for interfaith learning among faculties, administrators, and students, preparing them to live and lead faithfully in a religiously diverse world.
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The Religious Leaders Council has committed the resources of its congregations, members, and rich religious traditions to imagining our region as a zone of peace, free of fear, filled with respect, and marked by deeds of kindness.

Zones of Peace is a region-wide interfaith movement of churches, synagogues, mosques, other houses of worship, schools, and community-based organizations working to address the root causes of violence and make us safer in the communities where we live, work, and play. Zones of Peace recognizes organizations that are pioneering creative responses to violence and elevates their leadership.
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