The Crafting Community Project (CCP) is a collaborative, neighborhood-level initiative that provides interfaith and intergroup art and educational programs in communities experiencing interreligious and intercultural tensions.  This three-year demonstration project was launched with key funding from the William Penn Foundation in July 2019 and is currently offered in South Philadelphia, Kensington/Northern Liberties, and West Philadelphia.

Through the CCP, Interfaith Philadelphia and our local partners aim to increase community cohesion and resilience as we provide opportunities for community members to: engage across lines of difference; learn about the religious and cultural diversity of their neighborhood; and stand in solidarity with neighbors different from themselves.  Specifically, Interfaith Philadelphia collaborates with community members, partners, and participants, to host listening sessions, offer experiential programs, workshops, and trainings, and facilitate the co-creation of a community-wide art project within each neighborhood.

The CCP formally launched in South Philadelphia in August 2019.  Community surveys, listening sessions with partners, and an Advisory Group of local neighbors helped identify a South Philadelphia Community Cookbook as the art project that best represents the religious and cultural diversity of the neighborhood.

And after tallying your votes in the winter and spring of 2020-21, the community art project in Kensington is going to be...

A Festival of Food!

If you didn’t get a chance to fill out our survey, or you have additional ideas for how we can work with the community on this project, please fill out this project survey.  It will remain open throughout the project as a way to share your thoughts, concerns, and creative ideas.

Lead support is provided by the William Penn Foundation.

The Crafting Community Project consists of three components:

  • Community Meetings/Listening Sessions: Inter-generational and cross-sector discussions where community members surface assets, needs, and concerns in the community, and help identify the art and educational programs they’d like Interfaith Philadelphia to offer in the neighborhood.

  • Art and Educational Programming:  Interfaith Philadelphia works with community members to offer and develop programming that meets the community’s concerns/needs. Programs may include workshops focused on allyship, civil dialogue, facilitation skills development, and dismantling bias and stereotypes.

  • Community Art Project:  Each year Interfaith Philadelphia and art partners works collaboratively in one of the three neighborhoods to identify and create a community-driven art project that interprets what daring to understand means for the neighborhood.

The Core Values guiding this work are:

  • Community Process

  • Asset/Strength-Based Organizing

  • Collaboration

  • Relationship and Understanding


We are currently deepening new and existing partnerships in all CCP neighborhoods, especially Kensington/Northern Liberties, as that is where the next community art project will be located. 

If you or your organization/faith community are interested in participating in the CCP or you have any questions about this initiative, please contact Chelsea Jackson:

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