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Interfaith Philadelphia Gifts that Keep On Giving

Interfaith Philadelphia Merch

Interfaith Philadelphia is excited to offer you branded t-shirts, hoodies, face masks, coffee cups, baby clothes, tote bags, key chains, and more!  Grab some Interfaith merch and let your neighbors know that you dare to understand.

All proceeds directly benefit our programs.

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  • Over 20 recipes from South Philadelphia community members:

Morgan Berman​

Rowan Ching

Fran Costigan

Aidé Cuenca

Eric Daelhousen

Shalya Dorsey

Msgr. Gregory Fairbanks

Nicole & Andrew Feigenbaum

Jim Gerhard

Cashlynn Huynh

Mara Imms

Donnell Jones-Craven

Kathy Katz

Gilana Levavi

Carmel Maranan

Katie Moore

Char Nolan

Christine Pickup

Jude Robinson

Cy Rockoff

Chrissy Rockwell

Christina Rosso-Schneider

Syarif Syaifulloh

Atianah Thomas

Ana West

Hani White

Selina Woldai

  • Recommendations for local grocers and shops in South Philadelphia

  • Blessings and Dietary Practices from different faith traditions

  • Photos highlighting popular/meaningful places in South Philadelphia

  • Practices and Action Steps to help you set a wider table and dare to understand

  • Table Conversation starters

Newsletter Headers.png

Passport to Understanding is an initiative supporting Interfaith Philadelphia’s commitment to equip individuals with competencies for interfaith engagement, build authentic relationships of mutual trust and solidarity, and advance interfaith understanding in the public sphere.

Through thought provoking prompts and questions, the Passport to Understanding guides you in five essential practices of an interfaith traveler:

Be Curious

Venture Out

Welcome In

Stand Tall

Stand With

RXfundraising with Rite Aid

RXfundraising is an incredibly easy way to support Interfaith Philadelphia. Simply fill out the following form on, and every time you fill a prescription or shop and use your wellness+ rewards number at Rite Aid, Interfaith Philadelphia will receive critical funds to benefit our work.

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