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In this multi-session, interactive community experience, participants will learn more deeply about the lived experience of different faith traditions.

Each week will feature independent study, learning from people who practice that faith in a living library, and time for discussion and integration.


The way people orient around religion is a strong influence in the way they live.  Expanding religious literacy will help participants to better understand the people in their neighborhood, work, communities, and nation.  In learning about other traditions, participants will learn more about their own faith.  In connecting with the lived experience of other faiths, participants will also be able to more skillfully show up as friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Developing a rich understanding of the diverse ways people identify around religion helps us become more effective leaders, facilitators, and participants in all walks of life.  

We will focus on personal, lived faith experiences and how you might interact with people.  As context, we will explore topics such as central faith practices, core stories, concepts of the Divine, sacred texts, major holidays, and helpful sensitivities and awarenesses.

The entirety of the program is held virtually.  Interfaith Philadelphia offers a sliding scale fee structure for our programs in order to welcome all from our community who wish to attend.  Please click here for guidance that will help you determine the right fee for you, between $25-$925, with $175 as the adjusted standard cost.

Registration fee includes a digital guidebook.

Note:   This is a program to support deep learning, reflection, introspection and to cultivate deeper engagement with others.  Participants will be expected to explore content in between sessions (15-45 minutes/week).

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Meet The Facilitators

Asheq Fazlullah
Bronwen Henry

For more information, please contact Asheq Fazlullah:

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