In August 2019, Interfaith Philadelphia launched the South Philadelphia Crafting Community Project, a community art initiative that equips community members with interfaith skills, and fosters greater community cohesion and resilience.  Community surveys, listening sessions with partners, and an advisory group of local neighbors helped us determine that the Community Art Project would be a Cookbook! What better way to gather, share, and learn together, than around food?

Little did we know, we would soon be living in a shifting reality where the shared table is, for a time, confined to our own kitchens.  Despite the obstacles, Interfaith Philadelphia believes the South Philadelphia Interfaith Community Cookbook can be a source of virtual gathering, co-creation, and shared understanding around topics of faith, culture, and community. 

Submissions are now open. You are invited to share recipes, reflections, photos of home cooked food, or even a short video of you making a dish! Those who submit a recipe will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to a South Philadelphia restaurant that offers take out or delivery.​

This is an opportunity for you to not only offer a recipe but also share a story and describe why a specific dish is important to you.  You may even find inspiration from the recent or upcoming Holy Days of Ramadan, Passover, Easter, Ridván, and the Birth of Buddha, and reflect on how food and faith intersect and enrich your faith tradition.

Please share this newsletter with any of your South Philadelphia neighbors and community members so all have the opportunity to contribute.  All recipes sent in will be considered for the South Philadelphia Interfaith Community Cookbook, and submissions may be shared across our social media platforms and on our blog.

You can also share your own photos and videos on social media using:



Let’s unite around a virtual meal and share the connecting power of food!

Questions? Please contact Bethany Welch at:

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