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Check out a recording of the Cookbook Launch Party!

In August 2019, Interfaith Philadelphia launched the South Philadelphia Crafting Community Project, a collaborative neighborhood-level initiative that provides intergroup programs, including a large-scale art project.  Through listening sessions, community surveys, and input from the CCP South Philadelphia Advisory Group a Community Cookbook was identified as the South Philadelphia community art project.  What better way to share and celebrate the religious and cultural diversity of South Philadelphia than through food?

We are proud to announce the cookbook is complete, and we want you to celebrate with us!


You can find links to purchase the cookbook below.  All donations received from Cookbook sales will be used to support the Crafting Community Project and Interfaith Philadelphia’s neighborhood-level programs.

What’s in the cookbook?


  • Over 20 recipes from South Philadelphia community members:

    • Morgan Berman​

    • Rowan Ching

    • Fran Costigan

    • Aidé Cuenca

    • Eric Daelhousen

    • Shalya Dorsey

    • Msgr. Gregory Fairbanks

    • Nicole & Andrew Feigenbaum

    • Jim Gerhard

    • Cashlynn Huynh

    • Mara Imms

    • Donnell Jones-Craven

    • Kathy Katz

    • Gilana Levavi

    • Carmel Maranan

    • Katie Moore

    • Char Nolan

    • Christine Pickup

    • Jude Robinson

    • Cy Rockoff

    • Chrissy Rockwell

    • Christina Rosso-Schneider

    • Syarif Syaifulloh

    • Atianah Thomas

    • Ana West

    • Hani White

    • Selina Woldai

  • Recommendations for local grocers and shops in South Philadelphia

  • Blessings and Dietary Practices from different faith traditions

  • Photos highlighting popular/meaningful places in South Philadelphia

  • Practices and Action Steps to help you set a wider table and dare to understand

  • Table Conversation starters

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There is no denying this year has been difficult, and has drastically changed how we gather together. So even though our gatherings may be different and distanced, our hope is that this cookbook helps you connect with loved ones, deepens your understanding of the South Philadelphia community, and inspires you to try some delicious recipes!

Have you cooked any of the recipes in the cookbook? Send us your photos! Feel free to also post your photos and videos on social media using:



Let’s unite around a virtual meal and share the connecting power of food!

If you have any questions about this initiative or your cookbook order, please contact Chelsea Jackson:

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