Walking the Walk Youth Initiative

The Walking the Walk Youth Initiative is a nationally-recognized initiative that provides teenagers with experiences, skills, and resources necessary to live in a diverse world, deepen their own identities, and break through walls that distance and divide them from people of other religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds.


Field-tested in urban and suburban settings with schools and congregations of many faiths over the course of more than 10 years, the Walking the Walk Youth Initiative features an innovative curriculum designed by a multi-faith professional team with expertise in youth development, service-learning, and systems change. Each Walking the Walk group is led by a team of individuals charged with nurturing the best experience possible. Group Leaders are hired and trained by Interfaith Philadelphia to facilitate Walking the Walk sessions and coordinate partnerships with congregations and service sites.


For educators and leaders outside of the Philadelphia region, please check out our curriculum sample below and contact us if you are interested in starting a Walking the Walk program in your area!

For more information about the program, please contact Anneke Kat:

ak@interfaithcenterpa.org  | (215) 222-1012 x4


Our Model


Interfaith Engagement
Creative Reflection
Community Building
Service Learning

Youth Impact


Develop  deeper commitment to addressing current events and social issues
Increase  pride in one's own heritage
Build  friendships, have meaningful conversations, and discover shared values
Experience  worship spaces and holidays of many traditions
Learn  to stand up for people being put down
Actualize  values through thoughtful community service
Appreciate  traditions and identities of others
Become  a more competitive college or job applicant
Appreciate  a tightly-knit community of Walking the Walk Alumni
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