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The Inter-Seminary Initiative fosters efforts by theological schools and seminaries to incorporate teaching and learning about the religious traditions or faiths that are different from those of the home religious tradition. The Initiative offers resources for on-going learning and skill-building so that participating schools become places of welcome and dialogue.


Interfaith Philadelphia brings to the Initiative a commitment to innovative educational programs; experience in community organizing; a trusted network of partners across faith and secular communities; and access to a wide array of resources.  Interfaith Philadelphia Advisory Group designates staff to guide and implement the work of the Initiative.

Rev. Edward Livingston - Director of Religious Community Initiatives 
Rev. Livingston is the project manager for this initiative and oversees the logistics, timeline, development, and implementation of the Initiative, but the scope and direction of the Initiative will be largely defined by the leaders from the participating schools. In addition to the recent retreat, we are engaged in a series of 'Listening Sessions' with seminaries that may choose to be partners in one or more aspects of the project.


Participating Institutions 


St. Charles Borromeo Seminary

Won Institute for Graduate Studies

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Respect Graduate School

Palmer Theological Seminary 

Missio Seminary

Moravian Theological Seminary

Lancaster Theological Seminary

United Lutheran Seminary

Advisory Group 


Monsignor Gregory Fairbanks, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary

Dr. Hojin Park, Won Institute for Graduate Studies

Dr. Amanda Mbuvi, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Rubina Tareen, Sakinah Alhabshi, Respect Graduate School

Dr. Phaedra Blocker, Palmer Theological Seminary

Dr. Kyuboem Lee, Missio Seminary

Allison Berger, Moravian Theological Seminary

Dr. Vanessa Lovelace, Lancaster Theological Seminary

Inter-Seminary Initiative Student Series

In 2022, the ISI launched the Student Series with "What Chaplaincy Can Teach Us About Interfaith Work.” Current and former theological students from multiple religious backgrounds shared their experiences as chaplains in hospitals, colleges, prisons, and the military and discussed how chaplaincy impacted their faith and understanding of religious diversity. 

Watch the full series

We are grateful to The E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation for their substantial support of this initiative since its inception. This has allowed us to create opportunities for interfaith learning among faculty members, administrators, and students, preparing them to live and lead faithfully in a religiously diverse world.

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