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Visionary Women is an intergenerational program engaging issues at the intersection of religion, gender, race, and social justice concerns. We at Interfaith Philadelphia have an expansive understanding of gender, welcoming all women as well as gender nonbinary individuals. As we move to create a virtual group that is culturally, religiously, and ideologically diverse - we encourage participation in this experiential dialogue. Participants do not need to identify with a religious tradition or be a member of a congregation to apply.

Since its conception in 2016, Visionary Women Sessions offer immersion in five religious settings and facilitates the creation of meaningful relationships in a small group environment. As this is the first year Visionary Women is offered solely online, we embrace its challenges and its opportunities. We welcome the different ways that joining from home looks, welcoming children in the background & scenic Zoom backdrops. Participants of Visionary Women are encouraged to continue their interfaith learning, collaboration and offer programs within their own communities.

Cost:  This program has a sliding fee scale for participation. The standard fee is $100. Once accepted, participants will be able to select the amount that works best for their situation.

Questions?  Please contact Anneke Kat at

Individuals in this program seek to:

  • Lean into layered, and sometimes uncomfortable, conversations that explore the intersections of gender and race in different faith communities;

  • Increase their religious literacy through virtual visits to different faith communities in the Greater Philadelphia area;

  • ​​Develop a deeper understanding of their own personal identity/tradition; and

  • Feel empowered by learning with social justice advocates of all experience levels. 

*Please note that each participant is placed in a small dialogue group of diverse participants which will meet at every session. Therefore, attendance is essential to ensure that small groups can form meaningful relationships and participate in dialogue. Below is a mock schedule of sessions and any prep between sessions.

Session Prep: 
Watch a Brief Q+A video from the partner community  
Review Reflection on prompts

Virtual Zoom Session: 
Panel of diverse voices of leadership from the faith community we are virtually visiting
Small Group Dialogue


Meet our Facilitators!

(Click their photos to learn more!)

Six sessions over the course of six months on Sundays from 3:00-5:00 pm:

This year we are intentionally choosing to highlight indigenous and Black voices in the host sites we are partnering with.

Sunday, January 24  |  Interfaith Philadelphia & Program Introduction 

Sunday, February 28  |  Baptist Community Session

Sunday, March 14  |  Muslim Community Session

Sunday, April 11  |  Leni Lenape Nation Community Session

Sunday, May 16  |  Jewish Community Session

Sunday, June 13  |  African Methodist Episcopal Community Session

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