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Welcome to our program in Philadelphia, where students embark on a transformative journey that explores faith, service, and interfaith dialogue. Our initiative, led by Interfaith Philadelphia, offers an enriching experience for students from various backgrounds. Here's a closer look at what we do:


What We Offer:

  • Community Engagement: Students come to Philadelphia and immerse themselves in our vibrant and diverse community.

  • Interfaith Exploration: Students participate in worship gatherings and engage with representatives from various faith traditions, including Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Quakerism, and others, promoting understanding and facilitating dialogue. 

  • Service and Volunteer Work: Participants engage in meaningful service activities at nonprofit organizations throughout the city and Philadelphia region.

  • Social Impact: Our program addresses pressing social issues, such as homelessness, food insecurity, gun violence, racism, poverty, and school funding.

Our Impact: Since 2007, Interfaith Philadelphia has been at the forefront of hosting Alternative Break dialogue and service weeks. We've had the privilege of hosting over 60 colleges, universities, high schools, and youth groups, engaging with more than 650 student leaders from diverse backgrounds.

During these experiences, participants have not only visited congregations representing over two dozen distinct faith communities but have also dedicated their time and energy to tackle important social issues in our community.

Our Diverse Participants: We've had the honor of hosting students from renowned institutions like Alvernia University, Haverford College, North Carolina State University, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Johns Hopkins University, University of Virginia, Villanova University, and many more schools from across the country.

Our Vision:  We aspire for every student to leave our program with a profound appreciation for the importance of our work. We hope they carry forward the skills, knowledge, and understanding they've gained during the week throughout the rest of their lives.

Our Model

Want to learn more about the Alternative Break program?
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