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 Mosaic Summer Program


Informed by the curriculum and over a decade of experience from its signature Walking the Walk Youth Initiative, as well as its Passport to Understanding practices, Interfaith Philadelphia’s Mosaic program provides the opportunity for students to experience their neighborhoods in a new way as they learn about the religious and cultural diversity of their peers, and strengthen their own identity and leadership skills.

Experience your community in a new way by learning about the religious and cultural diversity that is right in your own neighborhood!


  • Art & Crafts

  • Games

  • Identity Workshops

  • FREE Lunch!

Students will gather for a week of art, games, interfaith learning, and more! Each student will explore the rich diversity of the Philadelphia region, reflect on their own unique identity, strengthen their leadership and communication skills, and build friendships across lines of difference.

Copy of W. & S. Philly Mosaic 2022 (2).png

Just as a mosaic celebrates both the uniqueness of an individual tile and the collective pattern of many tiles together, Interfaith Youth Neighborhood Mosaic celebrates the beauty of each student’s identity and the richness that identity brings to a diverse community. We are excited to host this program, and hope to see your student there!

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Questions? Please contact Elexus Freeman-Filmore:

This program is being offered for FREE thanks to generous support from
Mary Beth Gallagher Youth Legacy Fund

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