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Civil Conversations Facilitator Trainings

Thursday, October 21

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Interfaith Philadelphia offers trainings that will give participants the skills to organize Civil Conversations in their congregations, workplaces, and communities.  These sessions offer community leaders and "bridge people" techniques for grassroots civil conversations that support a thriving religiously diverse democracy.

Program Fee: $35

$15 Student Rate

Scholarships available


Friday, November 12

9:00 - 11:00 am

To better understand one another, we must first deepen an understanding of ourselves – our own beliefs, worldviews, values, opinions and attitudes.  The more we are self-aware – claiming both our strengths and limitations – and recognizing our opinions, triggers, and blind spots, the stronger our ability to enter into conversation with integrity and objectivity.  It requires genuine curiosity and a degree of humility to enter the world of others – whether as a partner in conversation, or as a facilitator for others’ encounters around difference.

We long for relationships where we are understood – for who we are, what we value, and what we’ve experienced.  We also long for settings and opportunities to better understand others, particularly those whose life experiences and identities are different from our own.  Interfaith Philadelphia’s experiences and history in interfaith engagement offer guidance, practices, and wisdom which can be applied to a wide range of dialogue-based encounters.  We have the potential to correct misunderstandings and to heal divisions and conflicts that characterize far too many of our interactions and relationships and damage our shared democracy.  

In this training, participants will hone their skills for participating in -- and facilitating—interactions and discussions intended to deepen our understanding of one another, especially ‘when things get tough.’ Participants will gain comfort in initiating and/or entering into difficult conversations.

Program Fee: $35

$15 Student Rate

Scholarships available


Interfaith Philadelphia is excited to offer an online training opportunity to prepare educators and youth development professionals to create spaces where youth can engage in meaningful dialogue and hone the social and emotional skills it takes to be engaged community members.


Rooted in Interfaith Philadelphia's 15 years working with youth on issues of difference and diversity, this training provides education and youth development professionals resources and facilitation techniques to foster dialogue, deep listening, and authentic sharing with students when tackling tough, diversity-focused topics.


The content offered in this training is appropriate to utilize with middle school, high school, and college students. This training is structured to prepare participants to facilitate dialogue with youth in-person, but Interfaith Philadelphia staff will also offer support to transfer these resources to online learning.

Stay tuned for the next training for educators!  For more information or to schedule a private training with your school or organization, please contact Liz Royer: