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Ways to Support Interfaith Philadelphia

When people in a community who orient around religion in vastly different ways get to know one another, their community is more creative, experiences less bigotry, and is more resilient. 


Nationwide, hate crimes motivated by religious bias have nearly doubled in the past five years. Our work is important and you are part of the solution.


Thank you for investing in this work.

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Join UPLIFT, our community of monthly donors.

Invest in our region's future through Interfaith Philadelphia

Community Investors

Community Investors

Executive Director
Youth Participant

"Several years ago, in anticipation of the waning tenure of our extraordinary Founding Board members, we undertook a Board Development process, with the help of a gifted Consultant. As part of the resulting vision of our "Board of the future”, we clarified our expectations of Board members’ financial gifts — a question always plaguing non-profits.

Aspiring to call ourselves to our highest selves as leaders of work that we champion, we were also committed to valuing every Board Member's contribution as equal. What resulted was the following expectation that I was inspired and proud to take upon myself — to place Interfaith Philadelphia among my highest philanthropic priorities."


"When I saw how Interfaith Philadelphia’s Walking the Walk program empowers our teenagers to build and sustain personal relationships across religious, economic, and racial boundaries, I fell in love with Interfaith Philadelphia. Tomorrow’s leaders will see how people from different faith communities can come together and become a force for positive change."

"My name is Mikey Pasek, and I am a former Walking the Walk participant and student group leader. As a graduate student studying interfaith prejudice and it’s consequences, I am inspired by Interfaith Philadelphia’s hands-on approach to tackling religious intolerance and fostering a more inclusive society. I dedicate my time to work with Interfaith Philadelphia on this important issue because I believe that Interfaith Philadelphia and its mission serve as a rare beacon of light, which help to illuminate a way to pluralism amidst the darkness of interfaith prejudice that all too often casts a shadow over our community. I give back to Interfaith Philadelphia because, through its trailblazing mission, it gives back to each of us and our city each and every day."

Emeritus Board Member

"As a founding board member ten years ago for Interfaith Philadelphia, I believe then as I believe now that every voice raised in peace and justice counts more today than in years past. As I see all the violence that we see in the printed media or other media, I consider my financial support to Interfaith Philadelphia one of my most important gifts. All change, as incremental as it is at Interfaith Philadelphia, is crucial in the times in which we live. I could not think of a better way to invest my resources."

For more information, please contact Sara Zebovitz at or (215) 222-1012.

Interfaith Philadelphia is a nonprofit, non-sectarian 501(c)(3) organization and is registered as a charitable organization in Pennsylvania. Making a special gift of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) is a great way to maximize your deduction and make a significant gift to Interfaith Philadelphia.

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