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visionary women
Frequently asked questions

What happens during the VW session/gathering?

The first half of the session is dedicated time for the host community to introduce their faith to the women in the cohort and share what they find meaningful and important. They represent their views through an introduction followed by a panel discussion. Participants have the opportunity to also ask questions and interact with the panel.

During the second half of the session, the cohort separates into small groups - the same small group meets monthly to build connection and trust as each woman shares her beliefs and perspectives regarding specific conversation prompts. 


What is the goal of the program?
Visionary Women promotes understanding between women of different faith backgrounds and beliefs. It is a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation in a safe and supportive environment. It is also an opportunity to deepen one's own identity and traditions while discussing them with others. Visionary Women helps participants expand knowledge, skills, and relationships to understand faith perspectives that may be new to participants.


Why would we want to learn about other faiths if we are happy in our own faith?
Visionary Women sessions are an opportunity to strengthen our personal beliefs and share with others. By getting into deep conversations with others who truly want to learn from us, often with people who do not know anyone from our faith on a personal level, we find meaning in our own faith and beliefs. We also have an opportunity to dispel misconceptions and understand why, and what, our faith (as well as other faith traditions) teach and practice. Women emerge with a stronger sense of self and identity. One core tenet of Visionary Women is that each participant is invited to stand tall in their own faith identity and not to make efforts to convert anyone to another faith.


What happens after Visionary Women ends?

We hope that you will continue finding interfaith conversations and promoting dialogue through Interfaith Philadelphia, through your own community, and/or with your new Visionary Women contacts.


Who do I contact if I have other questions?

Contact Kes Messinger at
Or Bronwen Mayer Henry at

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