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River Mason

River Mason received a BA in Film and Media Arts at Temple University. They are a writer, performer and photographer/videographer. They utilize their skills in media to share important narratives. Their work aims to prompt introspection, the human condition, and exploring avenues of self-expression. 


In 2022-2023 River completed their Americorp service as a Community Soccer Coach for Kensington Soccer Club. With a background in working with youth and coaching they have honed valuable skills in teamwork, communication, and inclusivity. River cares to create a sense of belonging for all individuals so that they can comfortably explore their own personal narratives, interests, and vulnerabilities.


River embraces diversity and understands the importance of fostering dialogue and understanding among individuals from various backgrounds and beliefs. They are passionate about religious literacy as a way to connect to culture, history, the world, mental wellness and their own identity. River believes in the power of open communication to bridge gaps and promote harmony and unity for all. 


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