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Redemption, Forgiveness, Peace

c/o Jazz U Up Barbershop

1551 S 16th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19146



Will Little, Founder

(215) 459-7065

(mentoring program closed)

Redemption, Forgiveness, Peace (RFP) was founded by three men, Will, Charles, and Mikell, who have each served time in jail, later turning their lives around to help others. They are devoted to helping youth and their parents resist the temptations of drugs, violence, and crime; and find success in family, education, work, and community. On Mondays, groups of 2-30 boys come for mentoring to Will’s barbershop, and girls to the salon down the street.


They teach that it is OK to live the life of a “good guy.” “Good guys” don’t get sent to prison and “good guys” don’t get beat up. Will, Charles, and Mikell of RFP agree that the key to reaching youth in their neighborhood was to be from their neighborhood. They have tried to find acceptance in gangs and success in crime. They have each paid the price for that, but have each found new and better ways of life and alternative ways to gain respect and success for themselves. Youths need role models who have broken away from the “norm” in their neighborhoods and found better ways to be safer, happier, and oriented towards helping rather than hurting themselves and society.



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