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Weitzman Museum of American Jewish History

101 South Independence Mall E

Philadelphia, PA 19106



Emily August, Chief Public Engagement Officer

(215) -923-3811




Weitzman Museum of American Jewish History serves as a crossroads of cultures and a gateway to deeper understanding and connections for all who enter. The Museum strives to inspire in people of all backgrounds a greater appreciation for the diversity of the American experience, as well as the freedoms to which Americans aspire, through the lens of the American Jewish narrative. Interactive exhibitions, innovative educational initiatives, an array of diverse public programs and myriad multi-cultural community-wide events, offer a proactive model for interfaith dialogue, cross-cultural community building and ongoing respectful and supportive intergroup relations. Programs bring together African Americans, the Hispanic community, immigrants from around the world, the LGBTQ community, representatives of many faiths and cultures, all committed to understanding how persons from diverse origins and perspectives retain pride in who they are and celebrate the diversity of American society.


This Museum is a collection of stories: some well known and many others less so: stories weaving together the threads of our lives, intertwining universal themes such as family, traditions, identities and freedom, creating a colorful patchwork of important lessons and profound legacies which may challenge as well as benefit us all. Countless visitors to NMAJH have expressed being moved to contribute to the greater good, after witnessing the museum’s expressions of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and the desire to improve our world from strength to strength and generation to generation. The annual Freedom Seder, held in March / April, has become a signature event uniting many community partners from across the region to exchange and explore personal freedom journeys and the barriers and bonds that shape us. The National Museum of American Jewish History views itself as a verb, in constant conversation with everyone, embracing its motto of " Dream, Dare, Do " as a collective call for engagement and advocacy in an ever-evolving nation.



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