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New Sanctuary Movement

2601 Potter St.

Philadelphia, PA 19125



Peter Pedemonti

(215) 279-7060




New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia (NSM) builds community across faith, ethnicity and class to end injustices against immigrants regardless of immigration status, express radical welcome for all, and ensure that values of dignity, justice, and hospitality are lived out in practice and upheld in policy. NSM is a member-based organization with congregational members from both immigrant and ally communities.  NSM’s long-term vision for social justice is focused on the belief that all people are brothers and sisters and must be treated with deep honor and respect.  It bases its organization on the belief that the leadership of any long-lasting movement must come from affected communities. 


New Sanctuary Movement organizes immigrants and their allies in its member congregations against deportation and for just and humane immigration reform. It educates immigrants and allies through Know Your Rights trainings and Immigration 101 workshops and holds a multi-month leadership development school for emerging immigrant leaders called the New Leadership School. Through its Accompaniment Program, NSM connects members in deportation with allied congregations to build authentic relationships and fight for a more welcoming Philadelphia and country.



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