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Wissahickon Faith Community Association

239 E. Welsh Road, Maple Glen, PA 19002.

Contact: Congregation Beth or Rabbi Greg Marx

(215)-646-5806 x222


The WFCA currently has more than 25 local churches, synagogues and faith-based nonprofit organizations. WFCA includes Jewish rabbis, Christian ministers, leaders of faith-based nonprofits and people from all religions and walks of life. While the formation of the WFCA predates 1990, it was then the group started its annual gathering for the community. Since then, members of the community have come together one day each year. They have shared meals, laughed, learned, confided in one another and formed lasting bonds. The ecumenical gathering allows those groups to come to fellowship, to enjoy a meal that is really lovingly prepared and to engage in some kind of worthwhile topic each year, some significant discussion, to open up the community to back-and-forth.The gathering lays the groundwork for strong bonds across the local faith community.


These relationships among the members of the WFCA have manifested themselves over the years in a variety of projects on which the group has worked. A group called Faith Builders, which includes many WFCA members, has sponsored a Habitat for Humanity House in the North Hills section of Upper Dublin. Additionally, the WFCA annually holds a Martin Luther King Day service and gives out an award to a community leader who works to achieve King's goals. The group also holds an interfaith Thanksgiving service, has gathered for the National Day of Prayer and clergy members have often participated in pulpit exchanges.

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