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428 N 41st St, Philadelphia, PA 19104 

Phone(215) 386-6181

Contact Rev. Jay Broadnax,

Phone(215) 386-6181


In 2023, Mr. Pisgah AME Church was actively addressing the root causes of violence in many ways, including: 


First Friday Virtual Prayer Vigil

Mount Pisgah faithfully hosts a 45 minute to 1 hour prayer vigil every 1st Friday at 6 pm on Zoom during which a variety of voices (both clergy and lay) lift 2-minute intercessions regarding various root causes of violence, such as poverty, aggression, deprivation, frustration, retaliation, and the like.  Each gathering includes brief presentation on either a current anti-violence strategy, or on the personal impact of violence on a person who has been directly affected by it.  This program was conceived of by The Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity.


Saturday Feeding Ministry

Mount Pisgah’s Mission and Welfare department seeks to address food insufficiency by providing free take-out lunches every Saturday for 30-40 needy persons.


Community Meeting Space

Mount Pisgah regularly opens its doors to host community meetings so that community members have an opportunity to weigh in on development projects that could effect increased gentrification. 


Free Africana Studies Classes

Mount Pisgah offers a bi-weekly Africana Studies Class taught by a professor from University of Penn.  The class is free and open to the community.  The hope is that providing attendees (particularly young people) with a sense of their value in the world may increase their appreciation for life and decrease the likelihood that they will pick up a weapon.

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