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Local Spiritual Assembly of
the Baha'is of Philadelphia (Community- Building in Cobbs Creek)

 2462 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131


Dr. Gity Etemad

(484) 431-3167

Website: (see especially Community-Building Activities)

The spiritual and relational emphases of the Baha’i programs for children, youth, and families in Cobbs Creek are especially impressive. There are children’s classes, Junior Youth Groups (Middle School), Study Circles (High School) and Devotional Gatherings (for Families.) The traditions and practices of the religiously diverse population of Cobbs Creek are integrated into each program. The leadership of the programs live in the neighborhood. Children, youth, and their families are brought into relationships of mutual respect and care based on spiritual teachings.


Those relationships motivate individuals to seek wholeness and health for themselves and to join group efforts to make Cobbs Creek a more peaceful and progressive community. Seventy families are currently (Spring, 2022) engaged in these programs and relationships – a significant number, large enough to make an impact on the wider community. The Baha’i programs in Cobbs Creek are addressing the root causes of violence and creating peace, thus meeting the criteria for recognition as a Zone of Peace.    

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