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Ambler Church of the Brethren

351 E. Butler Ave.

Ambler, PA 19002



The Reverend Enten Eller

(215) -646-1190




The Ambler Church of the Brethren has been living as a Zone of Peace since its beginning, and still strives to create peace in themselves as individuals and in the community at large. As they say, “peacemaking is part of the fabric of the faith.” The congregation financially supports the Inter-Faith Housing Alliance and hosts families experiencing homelessness in their church building for one month each year. They sponsor peace vigils and marches in their community, engaging people who are “out for a good time” in conversation, inviting them to walk with the march for a block, and handing out leaflets, “Ten Things You Can Do For Peace.” Their interfaith partners have grown from one (St. John’s Lutheran) to five. They spearhead and host the Ambler Area Coalition for Peace, which meets regularly and marches in the community’s Holiday Parade each December, with a giant peace dove as its float.


They offer an occasional Coffee House, featuring music and a speaker informing attendees about peace issues. Ecological concerns are also part of the congregation’s peace efforts, including a Green Page in every newsletter, and providing an opportunity for the community to test-drive electric cars. A “Peace Pole” is on the street corner in front of the church building, which offers a message of peace in eight languages. In 2011, the congregation voted to be an “open and affirming” congregation (LGBTQ participation in church life).



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