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West Kensington Ministry strives to be an integral part of its community, and has inspired powerful involvement from both adult and youth members. Advocacy for immigration reform and ministry to immigrants in the community have been a hallmark of the ministry. An open mic night is hosted most Friday evenings, which provides a safe space for young people to hang out, enjoy music, learn positive values, and express their feelings about the loss of loved ones to violence.


Cooking, exercise, music and parenting classes have been provided as needed to promote a healthy and nurturing lifestyle. Silkscreen printing and a recording studio are offered to the community and help sustain the congregation financially. The Ministry provides a model for other organizations that also desire to build better communities: it has a clear understanding of the needs of its congregants and neighbors; and, in spite of financial challenges, it perseveres with hard work towards its goals.



West Kensington Ministry

2140 N. Hancock St.

Philadelphia, PA 19122



Rev. Adan A. Mairena





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