Since 2016, 200 women leaders of diverse ages and identities participated in Visionary Women. Interfaith Philadelphia wants to continue to honor the enthusiasm, wisdom, and commitment to gender equality, justice, and religious diversity that all of these women embody. If you are an alumni of the program, Interfaith Philadelphia invites you to continue to engage with us. 


Visionary Women 2019 -20 Leadership Track

The 2019 -2020 program year will include the opportunity for alumni to to learn how to offer similar programming in your own setting. Interfaith Philadelphia has always envisioned ‘building out’ Visionary Women so that alumnae would be encouraged to continue their interfaith learning and collaboration, and offer programs within their own communities.  We are delighted that the support we’ve received allows us to offer this additional programming this year.


Interfaith Philadelphia invites alumni back to participate in an unique version of the program. For the first two hours of each Visionary Women session, alumni will learn and engage alongside a new cohort of participants; increasing their religious literacy and experience of new religious communities, connecting with fellow participants and learning from a panel of religious leaders. In the final hour of the session, alumni will break off from the group and engage in workshops to assist alumni in bringing programming to their own communities.

Workshops will include:

1.  Interfaith 101 - What are the basic assumptions / values behind successful interfaith engagement? What activities lay the groundwork for learning these?

2.  How to be a guest - What are the ways curiosity prepares participants to be guests?

3.  How to be a host - What are the ways hospitality prepares hosts to welcome guests?

4.  How to be a facilitator - What skills, attributes, and practices are needed to facilitate interfaith engagement?

5.  How to create an engaging session - Openings, closings, activities

6.  Using the Passport to Understanding

If you are interested in engaging in this version of the program, please apply by November 1st.

Six sessions over the course of six months on Sundays from 2-5 pm:

Sunday, December 8  |  Interfaith Philadelphia & Program Introduction 

Sunday, January 12  |  Jewish Community Session

Sunday, February 2  |  Catholic Community Session

Sunday, March 8  |  Muslim Community Session

Sunday, April 19  |  Baha'i Community Session

Sunday, May 31  |  Unitarian Universalist Community Session

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