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Interfaith Pledge To Stop Violence


Take the interfaith pledge to stop violence.


It is heart-breaking to acknowledge that hate has a home in our communities. However, we must not remain silent. When we see indicators of hatred, we must speak out and we must listen. We must advocate and will firmly push for serious and difficult discussions addressing the broad array of issues leading to the ongoing and avoidable slaughter.


Join us as we step into pain with deliberate, thoughtful, and prayerful discussions, actions, and solutions for peaceful coexistence. Now is the time to reclaim that we share a common humanity and build spaces for healing and restoration. Let each of us say:

I commit as an individual: 

To promote peace 

In my home and community.

I commit to work with others: 

To eliminate the causes of hatred, 

To honor the dignity of all people, 

To lay down our weapons, 

And to find non-violent solutions

When tempted to hurt another.

I commit to be an instrument of God’s peace: 

To make my home and neighborhood zones of peace, 

Free from fear, filled with respect, 

And marked by deeds of kindness

What do you dare to imagine? The decision is yours.

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