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Mosaic is going online! In order to protect the health of our students, families, and staff, and in keeping with public health recommendations, we’ve decided not to hold our Mosaic program in person this year. Instead, we’ve developed a fun and enriching online experience, featuring virtual games, activities, interfaith experiences, and arts workshops online, as well as a special arts and activities kit created for each student. (August 17-21, 2020)

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The Walking the Walk Youth Initiative is a nationally-recognized initiative that provides teenagers with experiences, skills, and resources necessary to live in a diverse world, deepen their own identities, and break through walls that distance and divide them from people of other religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds. (Year-long: October 2020 - April 2021)


Our Alternative Break program brings students to Philadelphia for a week of community service, leadership learning, and interfaith encounters. Students who participate in this program experience personal growth by confronting their preconceived notions of “the other," which are then transformed into a deeper respect for diversity and difference which goes beyond mere tolerance.

Alumni events include service-learning projects, speaking opportunities at public events, and leadership workshops. Some alumni serve as Student Group Leaders, working as assistants for their Walking the Walk network, while others are involved with the Alumni Communications Team or other opportunities.

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