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Walking the Walk™ Student Group Leaders


Student Group Leaders are Walking the Walk alumni who serve as assistants to the Group Leader. Mentors are selected by participating congregations to accompany the youth on the Walking the Walk journey. Mentors serve as confidants who foster the ideas, questions, and dreams of the youth and as advocates who can help bring to light their hopes and struggles.

Katie Rockford_ Headshot_ 2018.jpg
Philadelphia Network

Katie is a junior in high school. She is Jewish, and this is her third year in the Walking the Walk Youth Initiative. She loves meeting new people and finding common interests, as well as teaching basketball, traveling, and playing sports.



Philadelphia Network

Karli is a senior in high school, and this is her third year attending the Walking the Walk Youth Initiative. She is looking forward to meeting new participants and seeing old faces, too. She can’t wait for another memorable year with this program!



West Chester Network

Haajirah is a senior in high school and has been with Walking the Walk since her sophomore year. She is extremely excited to be ending her high school experience with a program that has played such a vital role in shaping her future. Outside of the program, she’s extremely devoted to fashion, writing, and running.



julien WTW photo.jpg
West Chester Network

Julien is homeschooled senior attending his local Mennonite Church. He enjoys having discussions about philosophy, faith, and Anabaptism, singing and being in close community with people of all faiths and cultures. He hopes to find a diverse community and grow deeper in his personal faith this year.



Philadelphia Network

Brett is a senior in high school. He is a member of the National Honor Society, vice-president of the History National Honor Society and on his high school’s Student Council. He is an active member of his church and serves as the youth representative for his Church Council. He enjoys working on his antique car, looking at architecture in Philadelphia, and going to the airport to plane-watch.



Rena WTW photo.JPG
Philadelphia Network

Rena is a senior in high school. She is Jewish, and this is her third year participating in the Walking the Walk Youth Initiative. She is looking forward to meeting new people and learning about different backgrounds. She loves the beach, boats, traveling, and good food.



Sophia Photo 2018.jpeg
West Chester Network

Sophia is a senior in high school. She has been involved with the Walking the Walk Youth Initiative since her freshman year, and has served as a Student Group Leader since her sophomore year. Outside of the program, Sophia is the editor-in-chief of her school newspaper, captain of her school’s debate and academic teams, programs director of High School Democrats of Pennsylvania, and a writer for numerous online publications. When she’s not procrastinating on college applications, Sophia enjoys reading, looking for scrumptious food, learning about random topics, and making sarcastic comments.



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