Reverend Steven Lawrence


Reverend Steven Brett Lawrence is one of three children born to Lucille and the late Steve O. Lawrence. As a child he began attending and participating in the life of White Rock Baptist Church, where he now serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Pastor. He professed a call to the ministry in high school, and continued his education by earning a bachelor’s degree from Eastern University in St. David’s, PA and a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in New York. In the fall of 1978 he was ordained and appointed Administrative Assistant to the Pastor at White Rock. In 2002 he assumed the duties of the Minister of Adult Programming and Technology.


Reverend Lawrence is known for his insightful and inspiring teaching and preaching. He has a unique gift for bringing the Bible to life and relating biblical issues to everyday living, thus challenging people to be better Christians. He is intimately involved in Christian education at White Rock and teaches the Bread of Life Fellowship, a midweek Bible Study. He also serves the West Philadelphia Baptist Congress of Christian Education by planning, staffing or teaching the monthly Learning Conferences.


Reverend Lawrence loves music and shares his gifts with White Rock’s Church Chapel Choir, the Inspirational Choir, and, on occasion, with the “Praise the Lord Players” drama group.


In addition to his work at White Rock, Reverend Lawrence has served as an adjunct faculty member of Palmer Theological Seminary, in its School of Christian Ministry, since 1992. He serves as the Board Chair of the Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia and convenes its Dismantling Racism Team. He also is Board President for the New Conversation on Race and Ethnicity (NewCORE) which harnesses the power of conversation about race and ethnicity to break down barriers, facilitate mutual understanding and respect, build bridges, and promote truth, justice and reconciliation.


Reverend Lawrence is married to Cheryl Baker Lawrence.