Exploring Naw Ruz with the Philadelphia Baha'i Community

Sunday, March 26, 2017

At Visionary Women's third session, our participants were welcomed to the Philadelphia Baha’i Center where they were hosted by Gity, Pam, and Nahid. They began the session by explaining how there is not always a traditional sacred worship space for Baha'is as oftentimes, prayer gatherings simply take place in homes.  After some further sharing about their faith community our hosts introduced the group to the Baha'i holiday, Naw Ruz.


Naw Ruz, as they explained is a New Year's celebration and an example of the blending between cultural traditions (of Iran) and religious practices (of the Baha'i faith).  The group was then invited to discuss practices in their tradition or life demonstrate an interaction between a contextual cultural tradition and faith practice or belief. After further discussion of Naw Ruz, participants then turned to a presentation on the theme of member Sheila's recently released book: God Loves the Stranger.  Sheila and Patricia also shared a couple of practices they use to live into the truth of God loving the stranger, and invited the group to engage in a practice of blessing, especially for those who find themselves strangers and not being welcomed.

Overall, it was another fantastic session for everyone involved, and we look forward to our next session at the Philadelphia Sikh Society!


Read Visionary Women participant Elizabeth Latey's reflection on her visit to the Philadelphia Baha'i center and join us on July 23rd for the Gateway to Religious Communities: Philadelphia Baha'i Community! https://ldsblogs.com/36398/philadelphia-bahai-center





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