In December, Local Leaders Learned to "Encounter Other Faiths"

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The following reflection was written by Interfaith Center intern and December 6th attendee, Jessica Drake:


"Saturday’s Encountering Other Faiths event was phenomenal.   A group of the 30 diverse individuals from varies religious, cultural, racial, and professional backgrounds came together under one roof because of their shared passion for encouraging interfaith relations. Participants engaged engaged in enriching educational interfaith dialogue facilitator training workshops, small group activities, and mini-workshops. The small group activities gave the individuals an opportunity to get to know one another on a more intimate level.   The mini-workshops covered a range of topics such as 'Personal Growth for Interfaith Facilitators,' 'Pathways to Interfaith Learning,' and 'Intersectionality.'  Students from Villanova and Goucher College attended the event hoping to gain some information about how to facilitate interfaith conversations on their campuses, acquired knowledge from seasoned faith leaders. Individuals with more experience in interfaith work were open and eager to add to their wisdom understanding that as Sister Maria Hornung (author of Encountering Other Faiths the book) might say “There is No End” to ones learning and growth.   In addition, to gaining educational material participants also had the opportunity to spiritually reflect throughout the day.  Some decided to participate in a Labyrinth Walk (a form of walking meditation) outside on the beautiful spacious grounds surrounding the Church of the Loving Shepard located in West Chester, PA.   Others chose to find quiet spaces within the church or outside to meditate and reflect.  The day was filled with learning, laughter, and tears of joy.  Everyone left the event filling hopeful that they could influence change in a climate where the majority is reluctant to change."

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