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Sierra Cole

Sierra Cole is a rising communications professional and
graduate student studying Strategic Communications at The
University of Delaware. She is a New Jersey native who
loves to leverage her professional experience in diverse
local, international, and out-of-state opportunities,
specializing in communications, public relations, social
media management, and project management. Some of her
previous internships and jobs focused on social justice,
healthcare, corporate, and nonprofit work.

She is passionate about understanding the world around her
while supporting significant social issues, topics, and
underrepresented communities. She is determined and
aspires to be an empowering voice for marginalized
communities while building impactful relationships with
them through the power of storytelling. Inspired by
organizations seeking to create positive social change in
religion, community relations, gender, race, health
education, and culture, she is excited to work in a space
where she can support with her gifts and skills. Developing
newsletters, story features, press releases, campaigns, and
social media content are a few of her favorite
communication content she loves to do.

When she’s not working, she enjoys cooking, creative
writing, and collaging in her spare time as a hobby and for
her family and friends.

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