KChing Headshot.jpg

Rowan K. Ching

Program Consultant

Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Rowan is a performer and theater technician committed to using art as a vehicle for social change. Rowan strongly believes that movement and storytelling has the power to heal both personal and interpersonal wounds, and he is looking forward to implementing the healing power of art while working with the Crafting Community Project. Rowan received his bachelor's degree in Dance from Bates College and has worked with various social justice community organizations and theater companies.

For the last three years, Rowan toured with Sandglass Theater, a social justice oriented puppetry company. While at Sandglass, Rowan performed in Babylon: Journey of Refugees and facilitated storytelling workshops with high-refugee population communities. Rowan has also facilitated theater workshops for LGBTQ+ youth and has worked as an LGBTQ+ mentor and community program leader.

In his free time, Rowan enjoys listening to science fiction audiobooks and cooking. Rowan hopes to one day start his own theater company that highlights the stories of marginalized youth.