2018 Ride for Understanding


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Start Time:

9:00 am

Starting and Finish Line: Betzwood Trailhead

(Schuylkill River Trail)


10 miles; 30 miles

The 6th Annual Ride for Understanding, a bike ride fundraiser for the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia, will take place on June 10th, 2018. Each year riders come together to increase awareness about the work and mission of the Interfaith Center.


This year's course will start at Betzwood Trailhead. Ten-mile and thirty-mile riders will all follow the Schuylkill River Trail northwest to Port Providence Trailhead and loop back to Betzwood Trailhead. Riders on the ten-mile ride will finish at Betzwood and thirty-mile riders will have an opportunity to rest with refreshments before continuing on the Schuylkill River Trail to the southeast. Thirty-mile riders will ride to the Spring Mill Trailhead and then loop back to Betzwood to complete their thirty-mile ride.


Registration Is Now Open

The Ride for Understanding is for everyone. Whether you go biking every weekend or hop on a bike once a year, your presence is important. Riders of all ages can participate. Click here to register for the ride.


For more information, please contact Amanda Scates-Preisinger at asp@interfaithcenterpa.org or (215) 222-1012 x5.

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Why Ride?

Why "Ride for Understanding"?

Our tagline, "Dare to Understand," is both a statement of fact and a call to action, encapsulating so much of what makes our work unique. It conveys a sense of the courage required to participate and engage in interfaith work, the fear of the religious “other” felt by so many, and the need to overcome such fears. It challenges us to be bold in learning about one another, to dare to listen sincerely to the crying needs of our time, and to work together to contribute to the good of our region. Not only is our tagline a call for a deeper understanding of the religious “other,” but it is also an invitation to continued discovery within one’s own self, heritage, and unique perspective.

Since its inception the Interfaith Center has served more than 20,000 individuals, partnered with more than 225 local religious congregations and institutions and two dozen civic and service organizations, and, to this day, remains one of the few organizations of its kind across the country.



Whatever it is that inspires you to ride or donate, we invite you to join us on this journey toward creating a region filled with compassion, cooperation, and hope for a better tomorrow.


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