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Family Promise of Philadelphia formerly Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network

7047 Germantown Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19119


Bob Byrne, Executive Director, ph: (267)-225-6069     



Founded in 1991, Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) has moved more than 325 families—910 individuals— from homelessness to stability. Operating primarily in Northwest and Northeast Philadelphia, PIHN provides assessment and referrals, emergency housing, supportive service and transitional housing. 92% of the families served do not return to shelter programs after their PIHN experience.

PIHN offers a safe and child-friendly alternative to more chaotic public shelter settings, allowing families to remain intact. It accommodates intact couples, single father households, adolescent boys, as well as single women with children. Guests call PIHN “the shelter that’s more like a home.”

PIHN is comprised of over 1,500 caring volunteers, 52 congregations, concerned citizens of the community, community businesses, and institutions, and they are growing! Over its 20 year history, PIHN has expanded supportive services to include career development and education planning, family therapeutic services, financial literacy training, housing support, material support and parenting education.

Homelessness and hunger increase the probability that family members will become victims or perpetrators of violence. By reducing the stress of chaos and uncertainty about where the basic needs of life will come from and replacing isolation and fear with caring and supportive staff and volunteers, PIHN addresses the root causes of violence. By modeling constructive interaction with people in need, and moving its guests from instability to strength, PIHN frees its guests to have more time, inclination and skill to be peace-makers themselves.

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