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Philadelphia Masjid

4700 Wyalusing Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19131


Imam Kenneth Nuriddin

(215) 877-2800



Led by Imam Kenneth Nuriddin, the Philadelphia Masjid resides in West Philadelphia. This Zone of Peace was recognized for its programs that address many root causes of violence. For many years they have had a prison outreach program.  They meet with (mostly) young people and try to help them turn their lives around.  The goal is to help these men and women become productive members of society once they are released from prison. Imam Nuriddin feels an important part of his ministry is to reduce domestic violence and strengthen family relationships among his members. 


Converts and other members often come from backgrounds where force is prevalent.  The Imam and others want to teach and show there is a better way. The congregation also has a focus on showing youth the importance of avoiding violence.  The Masjid sponsors weekend activities for youth. Imam Nuriddin conducts many funerals that are the result of violent acts.  He uses these events to teach the futility of violence and the reality of death to other youth.



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