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The Philadelphia Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation strives to facilitate peace, justice and reconciliation by engaging faith groups and other communities in dialogue, reflection and action.  The major function of this organization is to plan and carry out an annual Interfaith Peace Walk that draws 500-1000 participants. Each Walk has a theme and includes stops at houses of worship from different traditions, with programs at each venue.  Participants also are given ideas for conversation about their spiritual paths to discuss along the way. 


The Peace Walk has built strong relationships with many religious, peace and community organizations.  The Peace Walk group meets monthly throughout the year to foster intra-group sharing and stimulate collaborative projects, including dialogues, joint celebrations and work days to increase engagement and understanding.  By identifying and networking with a range of peace and justice individuals, groups and leaders in both faith and secular communities, this fluid, all-volunteer body continues to encourage and work for peaceful relations in the lives of Philadelphians.



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