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Philadelphia Alliance Against Drugs and Violence

2439 Golf Rd.

Philadelphia, PA 190131



Steve Jones


The Philadelphia Alliance Against Drugs and Violence operates on the premise that is they can stop or prevent some of the drug activity in the city of Philadelphia, then they can help reduce the violence that is so often the result of drugs. This organization acts in conjunction with many other groups to help organize town watches, speak to students in recreation centers and schools, especially those on the elementary level, and conduct anti-drug vigils at well-known drug corners.


When they receive information about drug activity in a specific area, about 50 PAADV members march and chant on those targeted drug corners to take control of them, transforming them into a place of community and prayer. In that time, people come out of their houses and children can safely play outside. PAADV believes that the overall drug problem is so large that their best efforts should be directed towards individuals. Saving one young person from drugs will have a ripple effect to influence others in a positive way.



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