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Zones of Peace Origins


Pilot site members reflect on how the Religious Leaders Council's Zones of Peace initiative has the potential to impact their communities.

The Inspiration Behind Our Logo
IP_Zones of Peace Banner 2019.jpg

The Zones of Peace symbol is a uniting emblem that is publicly displayed on every participating Zones of Peace congregation or school, connecting each individual faith community in an interreligious effort to promote peace. Developed by a team of youth and adults from the Zones of Peace pilot congregations under the guidance of Arts & Spirituality Center artist-in-residence Joe Brenman, the symbol embodies the collective strength found in interfaith partnerships. The central olive branch, a universal symbol of peace, represents the organic growth of this grassroots initiative. Encasing this branch are four diverse arms whose hands are open to possibility and reaching out to one another. Together, the arms create a “zone,” a safety net within which the olive branch grows.

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