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Moji Saberin, MD


Grew up in Luxembourg in a Baha’i family. Has two children ages 19 and 16.  Moved to the US in 1992, got her medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 1996, moved to Pittsburgh for her residency in OBGYN and the start of her career, and returned to the western suburbs of Philadelphia in 2004. 

She is multilingual (German, Luxembourgish, Persian, French), but most recently reads in English nowadays. She enjoys tennis, playing the piano, swimming, riding her bike, traveling, and gardening. She has served as an animator of a couple of neighborhood Children’s groups, a Junior Youth group, and has coordinated a number of community service projects. She volunteers at The Clinic in Phoenixville a couple of sessions per month. 


She has traveled to British Guyana several times to volunteer her professional services and help train resident physicians in OBGYN. She has served on the Board of Interfaith Philadelphia since summer 2017. She is a member of the Board of the Child and Maternal Health Consortium of Chester County (CMHC)

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