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Sr. Maria Hornung, MMS

Adult Learning Consultant

Maria Hornung brings a rich background of experience and education to the agency’s interfaith mission of fostering understanding and collaboration.

Having served in her Medical Mission Sisters community’s World Wide Mission in Africa for 25 years and in its international leadership circle for 12, Maria is well acquainted with the many opportunities to build bridges across cultural, national and religious boundaries offered by today’s world. Never before has our closeness made such challenges so apparent.


Maria obtained her MEd from Temple University in 1970 and her MA in Interreligious Relations from Temple University in 2005. Her thesis work included the development of a grassroots model for introducing adults to the art of interreligious engagement. This work has been published as Encountering Other Faiths (Paulist Press, 2007) with an accompanying workbook, Workbook for Encountering Other Faiths (Interfaith Philadelphia, 2006).


She has developed a creative and enjoyable curriculum for adults with her colleagues of the Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Baha’i, Christian and other faiths.  All of these programs are available to congregations and to the public. Programs are eminently adaptable to the varying backgrounds and resources of adult learner communities.


Maria has wide experience in facilitating groups of different cultural backgrounds and religious traditions. Her programs are exceptionally user friendly and adaptable to specific communities, institutions, and  corporations. Maria’s facilitator training for these programs is offered throughout the year at the Interfaith Philadelphia offices. Specific groups at other sites and times can be provided upon request.

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