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Levi Walbert

Seminary Summer Intern

Levi Shinyo Walbert is a Seminary student and Buddhist Minster residing in the Lehigh Valley. With his spiritual lineage stemming from Shin Buddhist social and spiritual reformers, he is passionate about continuing that tradition by promoting both personal spiritual introspection and social activism / reform.

He graduated from Kutztown University in 2018 with his BA in Philosophy and Bio-Ethics, focusing on the need of chaplaincy in the medical field as well as the works of Alfred North Whitehead and Process Philosophy. He is currently a graduate student of theology at Moravian Theological Seminary and an intern at the Office of Spirituality and Inclusion.

Alongside his academic studies Levi has a deep personal interest in promoting interfaith dialogue and supporting the growth of minority and emerging religious identities. Within his own faith tradition Levi utilizes his position and skills to promote the recognition of the Asian and Indian roots of Buddhism among white practioners, co-hosts a Buddhist and Christian interfaith podcast, and is promoting the Buddhist methodology of “Seishinshugi” or “Spirituality at the Forefront” in the West.
In his free time, Levi enjoys spending time with his family and fiancée, creating visual art, writing, cooking, and playing Dungeons and Dragons on the weekends with his friends.