The Mary Beth Gallagher Youth Legacy Fund

A Note from her daughter, Leah Gallagher

The Mary Beth Gallagher Youth Legacy Fund of Interfaith Philadelphia was established by our father, John W. Gallagher, Sr., after our beloved mother’s passing in 2016. As an Interfaith Center Board Member and Chair of the Development Committee, he wanted to perpetuate our mother’s legacy by creating a fund dedicated to serving underserved youth in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our mother, known for her acts of generosity and humility, was committed to the wellbeing of others, especially children.


This year, a portion of the funds will give 35 youth in South Philadelphia an incredible week at the Interfaith Youth Neighborhood Mosaic Summer Camp in South Philadelphia. The camp will focus on 9th and 10th grade students from diverse backgrounds who will spend the week in workshops and field trips. These opportunities will help youth learn about how to better understand one another’s significantly diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, and how to cultivate empathy and advocate for each other.


Growing up in a large Italian Catholic family with deep roots in South Philadelphia, my mother learned the importance and love of family. As she grew older and her family expanded, my mother’s first priority was always children. Her love of children expanded from our big family to the community. She was a selfless soul. She was loved. She was our mother.


I am proud to serve as Chair of the Fund’s Steering Committee, with the support of my siblings. This Fund ensures that youth – in their most formative years – will have the opportunity to be a part of a life-changing experience. Your added support will allow us to carry the legacy of our mother, Mary Beth, and our family into the future.





Leah Gallagher

Steering Committee Chair
Mary Beth Gallagher Youth Legacy Fund of Interfaith Philadelphia

For more information about the Mary Beth Gallagher Youth Legacy Fund, please contact Sara Zebovitz at


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