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Jon Harris-Shapiro


Jon Harris-Shapiro is the President at Continuance Health Solutions, Inc. where he directs the development and deployment of data-driven solutions for population health management.  His projects help clients improve the health status of their covered population, promote the use of quality health care services, and control medical and productivity‐related costs.  His approach integrates actuarial, clinical, and statistical methods to uncover the core factors influencing the direct and indirect consequences of illnesses. His portfolio includes projects that focus on physician treatment patterns, patient behavior, benefit plan design, provider network configuration, adverse selection, incentive programs, and health care financing.


Jon was formerly the Vice President ProfSoft, Inc. (prior to its acquisition by Truven, Inc.) and held senior-level consulting positions with regional and national consulting practices where he provided actuarial and management consulting services to health plans, provider-sponsored organizations, hospitals, and employers.  He has held leadership positions in the actuarial services departments of Blue Cross Blue Shield Oregon/HMO Oregon and US Healthcare, Inc. (prior to its merger with Aetna, Inc). Jon is frequently invited to speak at industry and professional meetings and has a number of publications to his credit.


Shortly after going on the Israel Ride, an interfaith biking experience, he got to experience the Walking the Walk™ Youth Initiative. He found parallels between the way people of different faiths interacted with one another in both experiences. In addition to his involvement with the Interfaith Center, he continues his involvement with the Arava Institute through his membership of the Friends of the Arava Institute (FAI) board.



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