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Jhoselyn's Story

A graduate of Chestnut Hill College in May 2000, Jhoselyn Martinez works as Communications Specialist and Radio Producer at the Office for Communications of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Jhoselyn joined the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Spanish-language radio ministry in its developing stages as a member of the Hispanic Radio Lay Ministry Team, which developed and designed the program. In her role at the Archdiocese, Jhoselyn began working closely with the Interfaith Center in promoting the Center’s events and programs, and it was through these efforts that she learned more about the Interfaith Center’s work in the Philadelphia area. It was, however, her close relationships with Msgr. Michael J. Carroll (Religious Leaders Council Administrative Group) and Judy Sullivan (Board Chair) that finally allowed her to join the Center in an official manner in the summer of 2015 – as one of its newest Board Members!

What drew you to interfaith work?

There is a lot to be said about faith in general, but it is important for us to foster openness and sharing among our different faith communities. This is important in helping us to see what is we hold in common as well as gain a sense of perspective through learning about the history and backgrounds of others. It is immensely enriching to work alongside individuals of diverse faith traditions. Engaging in interfaith work helps us to be more caring and empathetic towards others while at the same time drawing us more closely to our own creed. Anything that can improve our society’s ability to work together is something worth taking part in.


Can you share a favorite story or moment from your time with the Interfaith Center?

Although I have just recently joined the Interfaith Center in an official capacity, I participated in several Interfaith Center services in the path in conjunction with the inauguration and subsequent reelection of Mayor Nutter. I found the experience of seeing rabbis, imams, priests, and other faith leaders praying for peace and for the successful tenures of Mayor Nutter and other elected officials in Philadelphia to be a very powerful testament to the diversity and richness of our city.


What is your ultimate dream for what the Interfaith Center could achieve in our region?

My hope is that we can teach our young people about tolerance, working together, and getting along. I want them to develop a sense of pride in their own faiths and backgrounds which they will be able to use as a resource to advance and grow. I dream of spreading greater understanding among our communities, uplifting our next generation of young leaders, and increasing cooperation and fellowship among the faith leaders of this region.

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