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JFCS has several locations in the 5 County Area surrounding and including Philadelphia. 



Paula Goldstein, President and CEO    

(215)- 221-4722

Jesson Geipel, Director of Marketing and Communications



Jewish Family and Children’s Services is a comprehensive social service agency that helps vulnerable populations throughout the five-county Philadelphia area. The organizations which have merged to form JFCS were established as early as 1855 to meet the needs of the Jewish community at a time when other organizations were not available to Jews. The fact that they have evolved from that to now serving 50% non-Jewish clients is a testimony to their commitment to the Jewish obligation to "tikkun olam," (repair the world) which is blind to race, creed, color or faith. 


Each year JFCS serves approximately 25,000 children, adults, older adults, and families – of all religious affiliations – and helps them cope with and manage challenges that arise throughout the lifecycle. Services include counseling, care management, and educational programming to families and children who are living with disabilities; who are low-income; who have experienced trauma or other challenges impacting their functioning at home and school; and who struggle with a range of mental, physical, behavioral, and social-emotional health challenges. Many of the people served come to JFCS for help, but with contracts to be in schools and other institutions, and specific outreach to vulnerable communities (such as LGBTQIA+ and the Orthodox,) the organization successfully reaches out to many who could use their assistance and accompaniment.  


JFCS serves the community with core Jewish values at the center of all the work that it does -- knowing that each life is sacred, a strong community heals all, and there is a responsibility to repairing the world, doing their part with others.

In its work, JFCS specifically addresses intimate partner violence, sex trafficking, chronic mental illness, elder abuse, and trauma.  The organization views all challenges through a trauma informed lens which does not pathologize conflicts, but rather looks compassionately at the struggles that all must endure.  JFCS works to create a more peaceful existence for all people within its reach.  

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