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Jaron's Story

Jaron is a former Student Group Leader who served in that role during the 2014-15 Walking the Walk program year. He is a member of the United Church of Christ. Hailing from just outside Philadelphia in Media, PA, Jaron enjoys writing, reading, singing, and spending time with his dog Jazz in his free time. He started at Delaware County Community College in the fall of 2015 where he intends to get his associates degree before transferring to a larger school for a bachelor's degree in communications. His mother, Susan Teegen, is on the Interfaith Center Board of Directors and is the Executive Director of ArtWell, an organization which has shared office space with the Interfaith Center since its formation.


How did you get involved with the Interfaith Center?

I was introduced to the Interfaith Center at a young age. Growing up, with my mom being on the Board, I was just kind of drawn into it. Then, later on in my life, I was introduced to the Walking the Walk program for high school students. The following year I was given the chance to be a Student Group Leader with the Walking the Walk program, and I took that opportunity and ran with it.


What drew you to interfaith work?

I wanted a better understanding of not just my own faith and traditions but those of my peers as well. Through my participation in interfaith activities, service, and learning, I could be more exposed to learning about different religions and religious traditions which would allow me to become a more open-minded person.


Can you share a favorite story or moment from your time with the Interfaith Center?

There are many amazing moments that the Interfaith Center has created for me over the years. I think the most important experience I had was becoming a Walking the Walk Student Group Leader. The friendships that blossomed among the kids in the group were amazing to watch, and I also grew very close to my group leader, Max Dugan. And at the same time as having all this fun with my amazing group, we  were able to learn a lot about each other’s faith and traditions.


What is your ultimate dream for what the Interfaith Center could achieve in our region?

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to make the world a perfect place. There are always competitions and disagreements over who is "right" or what is "best," but the Interfaith Center has worked very hard towards achieving an equal and harmonious society. I would like to see my generation take the next step into achieving equality, and I hope that we can not only reach our goals but soar past them in the future. 

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