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Imam Abdul-Halim Hassan


Al Hajji Imam Abdul-Halim Hassan was the Acting Resident Imam of Masjidullah from 2003 to 2005 and the elected Resident Imam from March 2005 to March 2009.  He was the first elected Imam by the people in the city of Philadelphia.  He was also the first Imam to give a jumah on the steps of the State Capital in Harrisburg, Pa attended by several government officials.  Abdul-Halim Hassan earned the moniker of Hajji after making pilgrimage in 1996. He has taught the youth at Masjidullah for over ten years at the Madressa program, teaching Beginners Arabic and also the Shira or Life of the Prophet. He has also taught the Life of the Prophet to youth of other faiths in Temples, churches, and schools throughout the Philadelphia area. Also, the Imam has taught sensitivity training about Islam to teachers at Montco College in Montgomery County.

Imam Abdul-Halim is heavily involved in Inter-Faith relations in and around the City of Phila. He is a Board Member of NIM (Neighborhood Interfaith Movement) as well as a member of (ICMEP) formerly known as the Compassionate Listening Group where went with  a delegation to Palestine/Israel in 2007 to discuss possible means to reaching peace. He has also been on the planning committee of the Philadelphia Interfaith Peace Walk for the past 14 years. The Imam was instrumental in Masjidullah being one of the founding members of  POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower & Rebuild) and now serves on the Mass incarceration committee.

Imam Abdul-Halim Hassan is a certified G.E.D. tutor and was on the Mayor’s Commission for Literacy for many years. An honorary member of AASL (African-American Student League) of Cheltenham High School, he has frequently spoken to and interacted with teenagers of all religious, economic, ethnic and  racial backgrounds and has an understanding of their feelings and concerns.

He has officiated over 100 marriage counseling sessions & ceremonies and countless janazzas consoling families with uplifting words during their time of grief.  The 3rd Saturday of every month delivers food to families in need. He has made countless trips to hospitals to console the ailing, reading passages from the Koran to those who are transitioning from this earthly life.



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