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Gity Banan-Etemad, MD


Gity Banan-Etemad is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia and Attending Physician at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and Temple University Hospital. Having long-standing teaching experience in pediatrics, she has published books, articles, and an entry in Encyclopedia Iranica. Her other interest is in “Health Development” in developing countries through NGO organizations—namely, Health for Humanity. Through this organization, she travels around the world giving lectures on health issues, continuing medical education in medical schools, hospitals, and public health institutions.


Gity is a founding board member of Interfaith Philadelphia, founder of Mainline Interfaith Women's Group, co-founder of Devon Interfaith Gathering, and executive committee member of the Dialogue Institute/Journal of Ecumenical Studies at Temple University School of Liberal Arts. These groups serve to promote dialogue between religious leaders, high school students, and diverse faith groups for the advancement of world peace. Gity has been an instrumental force in spreading interfaith understanding in the Philadelphia region, and her generosity and passion for our work has been crucial to the continued growth and success of the Interfaith Center. She is a fourth-generation Baha’i, an active member of national and local Baha’i communities, and she currently represents the region’s Baha’i community on the Religious Leaders Council of Greater Philadelphia. Together with her husband Dr. Bijan Etemad, they have three adult children and five grandchildren, and reside in Villanova, PA.



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