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Baha'i Reflections

Reflections from The Baha'i Center

July 2015

"Baha’i members took turns reading from sacred texts which commented on God and provided wisdom for the committed follower. These readings were followed by thoughtful moments of reflection and meditation. These deeply personal moments were often accompanied by beautiful renditions of praise songs which seemed to fill the room with a blissful, calming presence and put the wandering mind at ease in order to contemplate the spoken word."


- Matthew Abbadusky


“I really enjoyed the experience and I was surprised at how open the Baha'i community was to answering questions about their faith. Everyone was so understanding and respectful. I loved that Interfaith center facilitated a Q&A session because it is not likely that people would get the opportunity to engage in such discussions outside of this event.”



“I thought that people at Baha'i Center were very friendly and approachable. I appreciated their hospitality and willingness to share their personal stories after the lecture and the worship.”



“[I] [t]hink it is valuable to learn about others and their beliefs. I had some knowledge about the Baha'i faith but enjoy learning more.”


Humanists Reflections

Reflections from The Ethical Humanist Society

July 2015

“The event was well organized and the background information provided in advance was appropriate and helpful. I enjoyed the event and found it very useful and enlightening.”


Rodeph Reflections

Reflections from Congregation Rodeph Shalom

August 2015

“Wonderful! People were welcoming. The service was uplifting and spiritual.”



“Members of Rodeph Shalom were very welcoming and their was helpful guidance throughout the service so that we could easily follow it. It was a great experience and helped me feel very connected to another faith tradition.”



“I am very glad I went to Rodeph Shalom, because I experienced something totally unexpected. I realize now that how little I knew. The people were very friendly and approachable. I felt truly welcome there.”


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